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Café & Food

Café & Food

Coffee, breakfast, lunchbag, dinner

Klåveröd café

Sit in our cosy living room, in the garden or on our veranda and enjoy our homebaked, light lunches and drinks. We offer a varying menu depending on the season.

Opening hours in our café 

9-10 march 11-15
23-24 march 11-15
29 march 11-16
30-31 march 11-16

Sat-Sun 11-16
Extra open at 1/4 and 30/4 11-16

Sat-sun 11-16
Extra open at 1/5, 9-10/5,  11-16

Sat-sun 11-16
Extra open at 6-7/6 11-16
Closed: 21-22/6

Mon-Sun 11-17

1-11/8 Mon-Sun 11-17
12-31/8 Thursday-Sun 11-17

Fri-Sun 11-17

Sat-sun 11-16
Extra open at 14-18/10 11-16

2-3/11 11-15

30/11-22/12 Sat-sun 11-15


Breakfast is not included in our room rates, but you can book it additionally if you are staying overnight or if you just want to go out for breakfast. Rate: SEK 120.-/adult, SEK 70.-/children 3-12 y.o.,

Our breakfast usually offers the following:

  • Bread with cheese and cold cuts
  • Jam and marmalade
  • Boiled eggs
  • Yoghurt and milk with cereals or our homemade muesli
  • Vegetables and fruit
  • Juice, coffee, tea or hot chocolate

Gluten and lactose free options available; please let us know in advance.

If we only have a few guests having breakfast, we prepare a breakfast basket in the fridge in the guest kitchen. You can have it whenever you’re ready.

If there are many breakfast guests, we have a breakfast buffet in the café. It is usually open between 8.30 and 10.00.

Breakfast must be booked in advance.


If you would like to have a lunchbag for your day excursion, please book via e-mail in advance. You will get sandwiches that you can make by yourself at breakfast, one egg, fruit, raisins and something to drink. You can bring your own bottle to fill with coffee or tea. A small backpack is recommended; we provide a paper bag only.


Do you not want to carry groceries with you on your hike or do you simply want to avoid thinking about food? Buy one of our raw material packages for dinner or lunch. You get a recipe and all the ingredients and cook your food yourself. We have different options depending on taste, all recipes are easy to prepare. Prebook your dinner no later than 2 days before your arrival by emailing info@klaverodsvandrarhem.se

Hot smoked salmon with potato salad and fishrum sauce

Boil potatoes, cut vegetables – mix and voila you have a tasty dinner ready.

Contains lactose (can be obtained lactose-free).
Vegetarian – we change salmon to halloumi

Price SEK 195 per person

Chicken pasta with cabbage and cream

Cook pasta and stir together the ingredients for the sauce, top with grated cheese.

Contains lactose and gluten (can be obtained lactose-free and gluten-free)
Vegeterian – we change the meet to veg mince

Price SEK 155 per person

Pancakes with jam and cream

As a main course for the smaller guests or perhaps as a moderate dessert. You are served 3 ready-made pancakes that just need to be heated. Whip cream and you have ready food.

Contains lactose and gluten (can be obtained lactose-free)

Price SEK 70 per person

Paella with chicken and prawns

This option is for those who want to make cooking an experience. You can borrow our paella pan and cook your food over an open fire. This takes a little time so suits the group that wants to hang out.

Can only be booked for groups of 4-8 people.